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As families grow and parents become more invested in the well being and health of the children in their home, the rise in the number of city-dwellers moving to the suburbs has increased dramatically in recent years. This increase is due to the many benefits that living in the provincial areas bring, including cleaner air and less traffic, as well as larger homes that ensure the children in the household have enough space to play in.

Are you interested in moving away from the busy city lifestyle or are you looking for a change in environment? Here are some reasons why you should seriously consider investing in the provinces in the Philippines, to assist you in making an informed decision.

A home close to vacation spots

It is everyone’s dream to live within a stone’s throw from the nearest popular vacation spots. This allows you to visit anytime you like, and you won’t have to travel for hours to arrive at your destination! Provinces that offer this benefit are tourist-friendly regions such as Davao, Iloilo and Bacolod where the local airports are awaiting expansion to cater to more visitors.

Great for Families


Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, provincial areas provide you with clearer skies and cleaner air, as there are fewer vehicles and less harmful gases and emissions from factories. This is definitely something to consider for those with young children, especially if they suffer from respiratory ailments such as asthma.

Do you remember your younger days when you used to run amok with the neighborhood kids in the field nearby? Or when you used to shoot hoops at the local basketball court? With homes in Manila City getting smaller and higher up (in high-rise apartments), children these days are now resigned to spending their free time exercising their fingers on electronic tablets and smartphones. By moving to the provinces, you can provide your children with the amazing experience of having more space at home to play in and you can also expect to find more open spaces in the form of parks, basketball courts and soccer fields, for them to spend time at.

Bacolod City: a bright future

The capital of Negros Occidental province, Bacolod City is located in the northwestern coast on the island of Negros and is also known as the “City of Smiles”. It was billed as the “Top Philippine Model City” in 2017 by The Manila Times and was listed as one of the top 5 best cities to do business in in the Philippines in 2013 by The National Competitiveness Council ((NCC), a worthy indication of the city’s investment potential.

Why move to Bacolod?

Well, Bacolod is home to many iconic monuments, structures and museums, and tons of delicious eats. For history buffs, you can visit Pope John Paul II Tower and Negros Museum; for architectural lovers, catch a glimpse of the unique structures of The Bandstand and San Sebastian Cathedral.

For beach bummers, a short drive away you have the gorgeous Sipalay with its numerous famous beaches, lagoons and caves. Another alternative side trip close to Bacolod is Bago City where you can spend the weekend at the mountain resorts and visit their popular parks and the Kapot Twin Falls.

By moving to Bacolod, you can also be closer to the world-famous Masskara Festival, held every October in the “Land of Smiles”. This month-long festival draws in huge crowds united in reveling in the bustling festivities of this special festival that is unique to Bacolod. It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Where should you start?

Located in North Hill Gateway, Bacolod City, is Suntrust Properties latest project, The Fountain Grove. Encompassing 24.52 hectares of land, it is a modern House and Lot residential development with full amenities such as a children’s pool, infinity pool, multi-purpose hall and a basketball court. The 4 different housing models range from 120 to 200 square meters and are perfect either as an investment that can be rented out or for you to live in in the beautiful city of Bacolod, “City of Smiles”.

Read more about The Fountain Grove here.

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