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Condo living has long been associated with the fast-paced, convenient lifestyle. But gradually, and due to the pandemic, residential condos are evolving as homes that health and fitness buffs dream of. In Quezon City, Suntrust Asmara proves that a condo can be a haven for wellness-focused individuals. This new project also reveals just how condo living can be a factor in maintaining good health. 

You Have Every Chance to Walk

On an ordinary day, being able to walk towards different places would simply mean hassle-free living. But to health and fitness enthusiasts, having every chance to walk can help build their identity. Living in a condo near virtually everything will add more movement to one’s day. Think about shopping, eating, and going to work without getting behind a wheel—this is possible when you reside in Suntrust Asmara. This condominium in Quezon City sits along E Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, where you can walk your way to essential establishments and lifestyle hubs. Landmarks near Suntrust Asmara, like St. Luke’s Medical Center, The Medical City, and Quezon City Sports Club, also make health and wellness services easily accessible.

suntrust asmara swimming pool
Burn extra calories and tone up muscles at Suntrust Asmara’s pool area – Actual Photo

You Can Make Workouts Fun 

When working out feels like a chore, get back on track by making the activity fun. You can do this when you have access to amenities that inspire physical activity and leisure. Suntrust Asmara, for example, has a 20-meter lap pool, a kiddie pool, and a pool lounge. These facilities encourage fitness buffs of every age and swimming background to make a splash in the pool and boost muscular strength. Remember that swimming is one of the best full-body, low-impact workouts that you can do. Every kick and arm stroke is a form of resistance training, which can help improve overall fitness. 

You Can Get Into a State of Zen 

Being healthy is also about being mentally fit. This means having the capacity to think clearly and make decisions effectively. You can better relax the mind if you’re in a place that allows you to do just that, like Suntrust Asmara’s zen garden. This area recreates the essence of nature that brings a calming effect. The zen garden is also intended for practicing meditation or a full mind and body exercise like yoga. Meanwhile, the condo’s sky gardens are equally calm spaces that serve as a modern retreat from the fast-paced world. 

Turn your condo home at Suntrust Asmara into a relaxing oasis – Actual Photo

You Can Create Your Own Self-Care Paradise

Inside your own condo unit, you can also create a space to improve mental well-being and emotional health. You have the option to build a room for your hobbies, make your space clutter-free, use warm lights and soothing scents, or set up an indoor gym.  All these endeavors are possible in a condo with space-efficient units. At Suntrust Asmara, your home options will range from studio units (22 square meters) to two-bedroom units (39 square meters).

You Can Influence Others to Live Well 

Once you’ve honed the habit of healthy living, it will be easy for you to share experiences and inspire others. At Suntrust Asmara, you’ll find a low-density condo environment with fewer units. This offers not just a home that’s much cleaner and healthier but also the chance to connect with every resident or like-minded individuals. For those planning to start a family, living in this condominium in Quezon City also presents an opportunity to raise health-conscious kids. Parents can encourage little ones to be active by spending time at the pool or the kid’s play area. 

Let kids run freely at this well-designed and secure play area at Suntrust Asmara – Actual Photo

Suntrust Asmara’s amenities also include a gazebo-type multipurpose area, an outdoor lounge, and a jogging path, which can motivate families to bond and be physically active together. Looking at the features of Suntrust Asmara, it’s clear that a condo environment can be designed to improve residents’ overall health and wellness. The blessing of condo amenities was held last April 22 to welcome and encourage positive energy in these spaces. Suntrust Asmara and its developer Suntrust Properties Inc. also introduce the idea that living healthily can be approached in two ways. It’s not enough that you want to be fit; you should also pick a home designed to keep the mind and body in good condition.


First published in Lamudi